The National Interpretation of the Principles & Criteria of the RSPO has to be developed by a self-elected multi-stakeholder National Interpretation Working Group (NIWG). In order to form such a group, sensitization of the palm oil sector in Ghana is highly necessary.

Since the beginning of 2009, the major palm oil producers of Ghana (Ghana Oil Palm Development Company Ltd., Twifo Oil Palm Plantations Ltd., Benso Oil Palm Plantations Ltd. and Norpalm Ghana Ltd.) have organized two sensitization meetings for potential stakeholders of the palm oil supply chain. The aim was to inform them on the RSPO organization and its aims, on the RSPO certification system, on its National Interpretation process, and on the benefits and necessity of having an RSPO certificate in the near future.

January 24, 2009: Sensitization meeting for palm oil producers in Ghana.   

                Minutes RSPO sensitization meeting for palm oil producers in Ghana.pdf 


March 3, 2009: Sensitization meeting for palm oil sector of Ghana. More than 60 participants of over 40 different companies, investors and organizations were present. The proceedings of the meeting were covered in national radio and television news. 

                Minutes RSPO_3 March 2009.pdf   

                Presentation RSPO sensitization meeting.ppt


This website will facilitate further information gathering, dissemination and posting of the RSPO National Interpretation process among potential stakeholders.