Public Consultation

The development of a National Interpretation (NI) for Ghana is not the work of the NI Working Group alone.

Through the website any registered person can give comments on the most recent draft online available.


Step 1: Register.

Step 2: The NIWG will automatically inform you upon the availability of a new draft. In addition, you will be informed on the opening and closing date of the public consultation period.

Step 3: The public consultation module will give you the possibility to submit your comments (per criteria selected). Moreover, you can easily check your history of comments submitted since the beginning of the process.


The NIWG will discuss upon all the comments submitted, these discussions will then lead to the development of a new draft.




To ensure broad stakeholder consultation, the following were organised in July and August 2010:

Smallholder forum

              Minutes Smallholder Forum Eastern & Ashanti Region.pdf

              Participants SH Forum Eastern and Ashanti Region.pdf

              Minutes Smallholder Forum Western & Central Region.pdf

Environmental & Natural Resources Forum

              Minutes Environmental and Natural Resources Forum.pdf

              Report on Environmental and Natural Resources Forum.pdf

Labour Forum

              Report on Labour Forum.pdf