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Our aim is to develop a National Interpretation of the Principles & Criteria that were developed by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil to ensure that palm oil is produced sustainably in the future.


Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil?

Driven by the ever increasing global demand for edible oils, the past few decades have seen a rapid expansion of the production of palm oil in the tropics. This expansion has hurt the environment and numerous communities. In addition, the industry is accused of slash and burn agriculture, clearing rain forests, causing forest fires, destroying the natural habitat of the orangutan and displacing indigenous communities. These tensions cried out for a common way forward and resulted in the formation of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The RSPO is a transparent, global and multi-stakeholder organization that was established in 2003. The organization works through consensus and open dialogue to bring divers stakeholders to common ground.

The RSPO has developed sustainability Principles and Criteria (Downloads) and a certification system (Downloads) for growers, millers, processors and other stakeholders along the supply chain to promote the production, procurement and use of sustainable palm oil. So far, only producers in South East Asia have obtained an RSPO certificate for a part of their production.

Today, the major palm oil producers in Ghana are sharing the sustainability thought and are keen to start the RSPO certification process in Ghana. However, therefore a National Interpretation of the RSPO Principles & Criteria should be developed by the Ghanaian palm oil sector and its stakeholders.

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  • Submission of Draft - revised National Interpretation ! - 27/03/2014

    The taskforce out of the National Interpretation Working Group submitted a draft of the revised National Interpretation to the RSPO Secretariat
  • RSPO Roadshow in Ghana - 23/06/2012

    Kick - off for RSPO Roadshow in West Africa by Proforest
  • National Interpretation approved! - 7/03/2011

    RSPO approves National Interpretation of the Principles and Criteria for sustainable palm oil in Ghana
  • Field testing of National Indicators for Major Ghanaian producers - 30/10/2010